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The following rules will be binding in the OgameX project.

In case of violation of the rules and/or user agreement, the relevant penalty will be applied. If you don't understand any of the rules or why your account is blocked, you can contact the OgameX team through our social media accounts or via email. For support: [email protected].

For all problems in the user account, only the real owner of the account is contacted.

1.Connection methods

  • a) OgameX is a browser-based game, so it is necessary to connect to the game with the latest web browser software. In addition, you should make sure that the version of your browser is up to date for the game to run smoothly, OgameX does not take responsibility for problems that may arise due to outdated browser software.
  • b) The ip address you use to connect to the game can be your home, workplace or mobile ip address. Connections from VPN, Hosting, Proxy or TOR networks are mostly malicious, so connections made from these networks are not accepted. If this situation is detected, the account can be closed.

2. Account

  • a) The account holder is the email address defined to the account. This address can be changed later.
  • b) Each player can only have one account.
  • c) You can transfer your account permanently. However, selling accounts is prohibited. As OgameX, we do not support account sales and do not take responsibility for any problems that arise due to account sales.
  • d) Sharing the password of the account is prohibited unless you permanently transfer your account to someone else or if there is no account-sitting situation. If another player logs in to your account with same ip, all accounts associated with the respective ip address will be closed.
  • e) The accounts of the players who do not comply with the game rules and harm the game on purpose will be closed.

3. Account sitting

  • a) In the event that the real account holder cannot connect to the game for various reasons, the persons approved by the account holder can act as an account keeper.
  • b) An account can only be used by the account keeper for a maximum of 48 hours.
  • c) In cases where it is necessary to extend the period, the manager should be notified.
  • d) As long as the account keeper does not interact with other players, he can take any action and put the account in holiday mode.
  • e) The account sitter cannot be a carer for multiple accounts at the same time.

4. Multi accounts

  • a) Each player can only have 1 lobby account, Each lobby account can have 1 account in each universe.
  • b) Admin can use data including IP Address, Location, Hours active on universe and other data to determine if multi account rule has been broken.
  • c) If it is determined that a player has broken the Multi account rule, the accounts will be closed.
  • d) Use of a common IP and other shared IP can be allowed in some exceptional cases, The admin may allow shared IP access but with imposed restrictions on fleet and resource assistance between the accounts. Any violation of this agreement both accounts would be closed.
  • e) If a common IP is detected without notifying the Admin, the accounts will be closed.

5. Transferring of resources - Trading

  • a) Lower Ranked players are prohibited from sending resources to high ranked players. This rule also applies to players in the same alliance or buddylist.
  • b) Higher Ranked players can provide resources to lower ranked players. However, The value of the resources cannot be higher than the point difference value between the players. Each Resources could not bring the lower ranked player to more points than the higher ranked player.
  • c) "Fleet Breaking" missions are prohibited, This is the act on sending your fleet to its destruction against a known larger force of Fleet and/or Defences. Accounts doing this will be closed.
  • d) It is strictly forbidden to transfer resources to other accounts in an "indirect" way. If this situation is detected, all players who cause or assist the violation will be banned.
  • e) Players can trade between each other at a fixed rate of 3x Metal = 2x Crystal = 1x Deuterium. It is strictly forbidden to sell raw materials or fleets in the game for real money.
  • f) In resource trades between players, the time required to complete the trade between the parties is a maximum of 24 hours. Until the trade is completed bilaterally, players cannot use these resources.

6. Attacks on players

  • a) A player can attack any planet or moon only 4 times within 24 hours including group attacks.
  • b) In the event that the Alliances are at war, 8 attack missions can be launched on the same target within 24 hours.
  • c) A total of 16 attacks can be launched on the same player within a total of 24 hours. If alliances are at war, this number is 32.
  • d) This rule applies only to active players, there is no limit to attacking inactive players.
  • e.1) The attack restriction rule is 8 for interplanetary missile attacks, and 16 if alliances are at war.
  • e.2) There is no limit for interplanetary missile attacks on the moons, but if the attack is found to be spammy or non-profit, the player will be penalized.
  • f) "Spam" attack with the spy probe is strictly prohibited, in case of violation of this rule, the player who carried out the attack will be punished.
  • g) Successive individual or group attacks are prohibited to prevent player development. In these cases, the game management performs the necessary investigation and the players who organize the attack can be punished.
  • h) Successive and non-profit attacks to the player for forcing the player to leave the game or to put their account in vacation mode are prohibited. In these cases, the game management performs the necessary investigation and the players who organize the attack can be punished.
  • i) The conditions specified in articles "g" and "h" apply only to "planets". Continuous and organized attacks can be carried out to destroy the moon defense in order to destroy the Moon.
  • j) The situations specified in articles "g" and "h" are not valid if the alliances are at war.
  • k) Attacks should be for profit. The loot and debris field resources you will receive in your attack must be higher than your fuel costs and fleet loss. In case of violation of this rule, the player who make the attack will be prohibited to sending attack missions for a while. In case of repeated violations of this rule, the account can be closed.
  • m) If the player you are attacking indicates that he is online via a private message, you should consider to withdraw your fleet if you think you cannot make enough profit from the player's defenses/fleets. Otherwise, you can make the rule violation described on the "k" section.
  • n) In the wars that took place with the participation of more than one player, the looted resources and the collected debris fields must be shared according to the rules below.
    > The loss of players participating in the battle will be covered.
    > The remaining resources are shared equally among the participating players.

7.Radar (phalanx) usage

  • It is forbidden to receive constant radar reports using any external software/script/macro and if detected, the player will be penalized.
  • In order to prevent the opponent from receiving radar reports, a large number of fake fleet movements against friendly players are prohibited, and if this is detected, players who spam with the fake fleet will be penalized.

8. Activity times

  • a) Accounts with total daily activity duration over 18 hours are taken under examination. If the game management thinks that these accounts are used by more than one person, the account can be closed. But of course it is not forbidden to play more than 18 hours a day.

9. Flight times

  • a) Fleet missions lasting longer than 6 hours cannot be sent to another player without prior consent from that player. If missions spanning longer than this time are sent, they must be cancelled within 6 hours.
  • b) If long-term fleet missions to prevent or cause "overview spam" to another player are detected, the player performing the mission will be punished.

10. Taking advantage of bugs in the game

  • a) Players are required to report any errors or bugs they encounter whilst in-game to the Admin.
  • b) Players who report bugs/errors are rewarded with Dark Matter based on the value of the bug/error.
  • c) Abusing in-game bugs to benefit your account or against another player is strictly unnaceptable and will result in the player being penalized.
  • d) Reporting in-game bugs to other players is strictly prohibited, This will harm the game and could cause irreparable damage to the universe. This will result in the player(s) being penalized.

11. External software, script and bot usage

  • a) The OgameX system monitors the actions taken by the players and can understand if the person performing this action is a real player or a computer. Players who perform the actions in the game via bot software are removed from the game.
  • b) When actions taken using additional scripts on the browser are detected, the player's account will be deleted.
  • c) Using an external software or recommending it to other players is also against the rules. All control of the account should belong only to the owner of the account, if the account information is shared with third party software, the account will be closed.

12. Communication

  • The following situations are prohibited in in-game messages, shared war & spy reports, universal messaging system and all other in-game communication points:
  • a) Flooding, extraneous messages, use of capital letters, discussions on personal issues, provoking / inciting to violate the rules, fraud and misleading, swearing, insults, pornography, judging/criticizing people's lives, religious and political preferences, to make provocation and propaganda based on the religious and political preferences of people, explicit or confidential advertisements of other products, threats to harass and harm people in real life, making financial demands or begging, acting as the manager of the game and speaking on behalf of the management.
  • b) Game management may use initiative on issues other than the above items and may decide that communication is harmful.

Other conditions

  • Players who do not follow the specified rules and make other violations will be penalized without prior notice.
  • The duration of the penalty varies depending on the type of violation.
  • All these rules are precautions taken to give players a better gaming experience, and as the OgameX team we would like to point out that we will not allow anyone to harm the game.